AM Side of Shack

The AM side of my shack consists of the Collins 75A2 receiver and a Johnson Viking Valiant transmitter. I also have the National NC-100XA receiver with matching speaker on the left side of the lower shelf (also shown in another picture at this web site). The HQ-170 on the upper shelf will be combined with a Stancor ST-202-A CW transmitter which is currently under refurbishment. On top the HQ-170 is a James Millen 90810 transmitter which is for 10M, 6M and 2M. The monitor scope on the right side of the Valiant is a Central Electronics MM-2 . In front of the monitor scope on the desk is a Hallicrafters HA-1 keyer (vacuum tube of course).

Not shown is a Collins KWS-1 1KW SSB transmitter that stands to the right side of this operating table. I know this is supposed to be the AM side of the shack, but it was the only place I had available to place that large transmitter.

A special note on the hand key on the desk. This is a German WWII key that was found in the attic of a relatives home. Labeling on the key states: Baumuster:T.1 AnF.Z:Ln26902. I've had this key since my college days and really love the feel and construction. Originally this key had a cover which protected the metal pieces on the key. However, it was missing when I received it.

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