Center Stage

I call this center stage because it is located between the SSB/VHF and AM side of the shack. My radio table is a large U-shaped unit and this picture shows the bottom side of that U. It is another SSB station consisting of a Central Electronics 100V and a Drake R4C. If you're not familiar with the 100V, it is a transmitter built in the late 50's, but has capabilites equivalent to some of the rigs made today. It can do FSK, CW, PM, AM and USB-LSB (with or without carrier). It is also broadband, no-tuning, from 10-80 meters! I have this connected to the Drake R4C receiver. The receiver has all the filters and makes a great companion to the 100V.

The equipment on the shelf below the aforementioned radios are some VHF/UHF FM equipment. One of those is also of old vintage. On the left side is a Comcraft CST-50. I believe that this is probably one of the first synthesized VHF FM transceivers made in the USA. It was manufactured in 1976 out in Goleta, California and sold for a wopping $869.95. I picked it up used (non-working) about 15 years ago and it now plays just wonderful. By-the-way this is a dual band rig 144 and 220 MHz. So, if it doesn't classify as the first US built synthesized VHF FM rig, it has to be the first dual bander. On the right side of this shelf is a homebrew (not by me) transmatch. The transmatch can be inserted in-line with any antenna simply by pressing one button (I did add that function to it)!

Notice the two dials on the yellow wall plate above the 100V transmitter. All my antenna cables are located behind the wall. The dials connect to coax switches which can select one-of-six antennas and one-of-six rig positions.

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