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How to use Collins Article Index Search
1. Searches are performed on a column bases. Thus, to enter a search string move the mouse pointer to one of the blank boxes (search box) located directly above the column label boxes and click the left mouse button once. You can now enter text into this search box. You can enter separate search strings above each column. Multiple search strings will be AND'ed together. For example, if I entered "75A" into the Title column search box and "73" into the Magazine column search box, I would see all articles containing the word 75A and which appeared in the Magazine 73. Search text is not case sensative, so "75A" and "75a" will produce the same search results.

2. To begin a search click once on the box labeled "Search" at the bottom left.

3. Click on "Clear" to clear out the display grid and search boxes.

4. Click on "All" to view the entire Collins Article Index (Default on initial loading). Note, you do not have to display the entire index to perform a search. Searches are always performed on the entire index.

5. Click on "Up" or "Down" to move up and down a page at a time thru the index or search results. You can use the scroll bar located on the right side of the index window as a alternative to the up/down buttons, including drag control of the bar for quick scrolling.

6. At times the article title or other column text may exceed the length of a display column. You can place the mouse pointer to that particular grid box and click once. Then using the left or right arrow keys you can move the cursor bar (usually right) to move the unseen text into the displayable area.

7. On the lower left of the index window is a box which contains a number. Initially this number represents the total records in the index. However, after performing a search this represents the number of matches found. Only eight articles (or picture references) are displayed in the window at one time.

Index Updated: 16-October-2007

Guide to Magazines


Published by The American Radio Relay League (ARRL). Back issues will have to be purchased used, but the ARRL now has back issues available on CDROM. The old QEX's will have to found on the used market.

CQ Amateur Radio is published by CQ Communications. Back issues will have to be purchased on the used market.

73 Amateur Radio Today is published by 73 Magazine. Back issues will have to be purchased on the used market.
Ham Radio
Ham Radio (HR) is no longer published. It was bought out by CQ Communications (see above) in the Fall of 1990 and made into a quarterly publication titled Communications Quarterly. In 2000, the American Radio Relay League (see above) purchased the magazine and it is now combined with their publication QEX. Back issues will have to be purchased on the used market. However, the ARRL has released all back HR issues on CDROM.
Electric Radio
The premire magazine for the old ham equipment collector and operator. Check out the ER index located elsewhere on this web site. All back issues of this magazine are currently available.

The Old Timers Bulletin (OTB) is published by the Antique Wireless Association. Some back issues are available for purchase and 1960 (First Issue) through 1996 have recently been released on CDROM.
Antique Radio Gazette
Published by The Antique Radio Club of America, Inc. This magazine and organization was combined with the Antique Wireless Association in 1994 (See above). Past issues will have to be purchased on the used market and they are not easy to find.
Published by RTTY Inc. This small RTTY specialty magazine was a must for old RTTY'ers. Past issues will have to be purchased on the used market and they are not easy to find!

This index does not include articles from:

The Collins Collector Magazine (No Longer Published)
The Collins Journal (Published by the Collins Radio Association)
The Signal (Published by the Collins Collector Association)

Those who helped with the Collins Index
Bill Griffith, VE3WGX (Used his HR index)
Larry Godek, W0OGH (Helped with CQ's)
Mike Warren, W5MAZ (Helped with CQ's)
Ken Grimm, K4XL

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