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The Family Room Operating Position
(4-Aug-2011 : Updated 9-Nov-2011)

I have one fixed operating position that is not located in my basement "shack".   This is in my family room and it is housed around  what was once a computer desk.  Over the years both my wife and I have gone to laptops for  our computing needs around the house and access the internet via WiFi connection.  The only desktop or work station computers I now use are in my basement radio shack and in my shop area.  The computer that was occupying this desk saw very little use and as a result the desk became a resting place for other junk items.   After performing some recent upgrades to my Drake TR7 HF transceiver I decided to utilize that old computer desk as a new operating position.  Call it my "elegant" station.   The computer desk was much to nice to relegate as a unused area for junk collecting.

The station consists of  a Drake TR7 HF transceiver (circa 1980) with extensive modification added.  The original transmit/receive crystal filter was changed from the original 2.3KHz BW to a new Sherwood Engineering 2.85KHz BW Enhanced SSB filter.  The SSB carrier offset adjustments must be changed, from those indicated in the service manual, to take advantage of the wider audio passband presented by the new filter.  All the remaining receive mode filters are also installed for CW, Narrow SSB and AM.  In addition a  multicolor frequency displayblue LED back lighting,  fully populated AUX-7 unit and the X-Lock frequency stabilizer were installed.  The X-Lock operation status LED was added to a newly created reverse scaled back-lit meter.   Circuit modifications were performed to improve the receive audio and  finally multi-turn potentiometers replacements have been added to the power supply board for enhanced alignment stability. 

The remaining station items consist of an LDG AT-100Pro (recently replaced with an AT-200Pro) Autotuner, a Timewave DSP-59+ Audio DSP and the Timewave ANC-4 Noise Canceller.  On the right is a BOSE 201 Series III which sounds pretty good as a radio speaker!

Above the TR7 on the top shelves are two items from my vintage radio collection.  The lower item is a Lafayette "Wideworld Receiver", A.K.A. a National SW-5 variant and above that the RCA 100A speaker.  Both of these are fully operational!

That swivel desk chair belonged to my father and was used at the Mound Street school  (Milwaukee) where he worked  back in the 1960's.  If you check out my first station picture from 1971, when I was 13 years old, this is the same chair!  It may not be a radio, but that chair has traveled with me across the country during the past 40 plus years.

A Closeup of the Drake TR7 Setup
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