Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any difference with installation into the R7 receiver?
Only a small change in the procedure from that used in the TR7 installation.  With kind permission I quote Floyd K8AC's experience. "The R7 differs from the TR7 in the PTO area in that the R7 has an antenna selector switch to the right of the PTO and it has a metal box shield around it.  While you can remove the old pilot lamp assembly with this shield still installed, it's impossible to get the LED assembly in place without removing the shield.

The shield is held in place by two nuts on the rear, a ground lug screw on the front panel, and another screw on the right side panel.  Removing these lets you slide the shield off and then there's enough room to insert the LED assembly (but barely enough).  Other than that, the R7 installation is identical to the TR7. "


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