Frequently Asked Questions

Where would you not recommend using the LED replacement lamps?
If the equipment requires the user to remove the lamp by grasping only the glass bulb for insertion or removal.  It is not recommended nor easy due the small size of the actual LED.  The LED envelope doesn't provide enough area for  firm grasping.  The LED lamps are grasped at the top of the base which consists of a 1/2" diameter brass disk.

Why don't you make other base styles? The T3-1/4 base is the most often found base style in equipment made since the 1940's. 

My amplifier meter lamps run off 5.0VAC.  Will your 6.3VAC lamps work?  Yes, both the 6.3VAC and 12.6VAC lamps will work at 2.5VAC above or below their specified voltage rating.

Can lamps be used on DC voltages?  Yes, the base contact on the bayonet is the positive side of the LED.  The 6.3VAC lamp will work from 3.0 to 4.5VDC and the 12.6VAC lamp will work from 6.0 to 9VDC.  These values assume usable light output is required for external illumination which means between 10 and 20mA forward current.  20mA is the maximum safe forward current in an LED!

Why don't you make high voltage rated lamps?  Higher voltages would require more power dissipation  in the current limiting resistor.  This resistor is but one component that gets placed inside the lamp base and thus limits its physical size and power rating.  In order to use these lamps in circuits operating at higher voltages would require an external current limiting resistor.

If I have a piece of equipment can I email you to get the list of lamps I will need? I can only provide lists for those equipment units I have already tried or that have been supplied to me from customers.  If I don't own it or have a manual that provides pictures of the lamp installation there isn't much I can do in determining what lamps you might need.  I will do my best to answer your questions if you provide enough details relating to an illumination need.

Do you keep a list of lamps required for specific equipment?
Yes, on my Equipment Example page I have a table of equipment vs required lamps.  This table will grow as I try these lamps in my equipment or receive lists from users.


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