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The SSB Side of Shack

Lower Shelf (Left to Right):

- Drake TR7 Transceiver with DF4NW multicolor frequency display and blue LED bar back lighting.
- Collins 75S3C RE Receiver
- Collins 312-B4 RE Station Control

- Collins 32S3A RE Transmitter
- Collins 30L-1 RE Amplifier

 Middle Shelf (Left to Right)

- Drake MS-4 Speaker (Transmitter Power Supply)
- Drake R-4C Receiver (With all Filters and special AM Passband Tuning Modification)
- Drake T-4XC Transmitter
- Drake W-4 Wattmeter
- Icom IC-745 Transceiver w/PS15 Power Supply on top
- Collins 516F-2 Power Supply
- WoodBoxRadio DDS-4 Direct Digital Synthesizer  sits on the table top just below the Collins 312-B4 Station Control.  The DDS-4 can be used in place of the PTO tuning in the Drake C-Line offering 1Hz frequency accuracy and high stability, RIT, Memories and A/B VFO selection.  All DDS-4 functions and operations can also be controlled via computer using  programs like Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD).  I do have a station computer that sits below the operating table.  The 19" color LCD monitor was swung out of the way for the station picture.

Top Shelf (Left to Right):

- Stromberg Carlson Tube Stereo Ampifier (P-P 7355’s) – Amplifier is connected to the radio room computer  and drives the Bose 201 Series III speakers you see. 
- CDE Ham II Control Box
- Some of my microphone collection that get swapped periodically between rigs.

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