Stancor ST-201A Prototype Transmitter

Here is a transmitter I am seeking information on. This radio came from the estate of an ex Stancor Chief Engineer, Edward Kelly W9HPD. I have never seen an advertisement for this transmitter in the magazines nor does it appear in any of the current vacuum tube transmitter books (Rippen or Moore). By the model number assignment I'd place it at around 1946 for time of manufacture. I base this date on the fact that the ST-202A was introduced in 1947 and the ST-203A in 1948. These last two transmitters were advertised extensively over many years in the ham magazines and I own both of them. I'm beginning to believe that this model never made it to formal production and perhaps this is one of few prototypes created. One important fact that leads me down the prototype path is that if you look at the close up label pictures of the front panel you will notice that it is paper! This paper is glued on the metal front panel. You may also notice that there are some white circles around the edge of the paper that appear to be hole guides for the panel mounting screws. However, the mounting screws are located at other positions and end up going right through the manufacturer and model labeling. I don't have any paper work on this transmitter, but here is some information obtained from visual inspection:

Weight - About 75 lbs.
Size - 13" wide X 9" high X 19" deep
Modes - AM and CW
Major Tubes - 4D32 final, P-P 807 Modulators, also some 7 pin miniature tubes, like two 6AQ5's in what appears to be the oscillator section.

So now my plea! If you have any knowledge of or information on this transmitter please email or write me about it. I'd sure hate to have to trace out the entire circuit, but if need-be I'll do it. One of my first duties will be to remove the front panel and scan it into a computer. I want to dupicate the front panel onto a better and washable milar film. I will not destroy the original, but create a completely new front panel and keep the old one stored away in a secure place. This will also allow me to move the labeling down that is currently covered by the mounting screws.

By-the-way, this transmitter was operational at one time. I can see a discoloration on the top flip-cover from the heat of the larger tubes.

Update - Summer 2001
John WB5OAU found a reference to this transmitter in the 1947 ARRL Handbook. So I was off by a year, or was I, considering that the 1947 handbook was probably prepared in 1946! Basically it's an ad showing the new items that Stancor was going to be introducing in 1947 out of their new plant facilities. Presented is a small picture of the 201A along with a few transformers. No direct mention is given to the transmitter. So indeed this ST-201A is probably the only one in existance today! Click here if you want to see the ad!

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