Meck T60-1 Transmitter

A acquisition from the 1998 Radio Expo fest in Grayslake, Illinois. This is the John Meck T60-1 transmitter made from 1946 through the early 50's. This one is in very good shape and will clean up well with just soap and water. The orginal owner must have stored this one away in a dry area as there is no signs of rust. One item I found very interesting is that a TR relay is built into the transmitter. Thus, you can see the four terminals, upper left, for the antenna and receiver twin-lead connections. The T60-1 runs 60 watts from two 6L6's in P-P. The transmitter is both AM and CW.

Size - 15" wide X 11" high X 9" deep
Modes - AM and CW
Tubes - P-P 6L6 Final, P-P 6L6 Modulators, 6L6 Oscillator, two 6SN7's in Modulator audio stages and two 5U4's in power supply. All-in-all very common and low cost tubes all the way around.
Bands - 80 through 10 meters via plug-in coils.
Modulation - Combined Screen and Plate.
Power Supplies - Separate supplies for RF and Modulator sections.

Information on this transmitter appears in an August 1946 QST ad for Meck Transmitters.

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