Drake  7-Line
Solid-State Blue LED


Drake has used blue filters since the days of the 4-Line equipment.  This continued into the later 7-Line equipment including the TR7(A) transceiver, TR5 transceiver and R7(A) receiver.  The problem occurs in later years when the blue filters begin to change and the displays end up looking green.  Since the meter and frequency displays are illuminated by incandescent lamps they emit a glow that leans toward the red end of the emission spectrum.  Thus a blue filter being back lit by a yellow/red glowing filament will naturally result in a greenish illumination.  In the past people would replace the blue filters with newer and perhaps darker blue filters.  This was a step in the right direction, but you are still stuck with a light bulb that will eventually burn out  and require replacement.  In the TR7 transceiver the bulb that illuminates the analog frequency display requires the removal of the DR-7 digital readout board to access the bulb.  This is not  an enjoyable job and  has the potential of damaging the DR-7 or other parts in the radio if the deinstall and install procedures are not followed closely.  You will often see the analog display dark as the user never bothered to change a burnt out bulb.

Another problem area with the 7-Line equipment illumination is that Drake used small round glass #53 bayonet bulbs.  Due to their small size they can not illuminate the total coverage area of the meter or analog display evenly.  You will have light and dark areas.

To solve both the aforementioned shortcomings I have developed a Blue illumination kit to replace the existing  incandescent bulbs provided with the 7-Line equipment.  The kit consists of  two custom manufactured LED  lamps.  Each lamp utalizes the latest in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembled on Flex PC Board.  The internal lamp LED spacing was designed to provide a wide angle of light dispersion providing a very even illumination distribution across the meter or analog frequency display area.  Each lamp assembly has a solid plastic diffusion lens attached to further distribute the light evenly. Since the LED's emit a true blue spectrum there is no green affect encountered with the incandescent bulbs.  There is no need to replace or add additional gel filters.  Connection leads are high quality flexiable Teflon jacketed stranded and pre-tinned wires.

Lamp assemblies install easily using integrated non-conductive slide-on clips.  Thus no destructive changes are made to your equipment.  This kit is fully reversible!


The life of an LED is long, typically 80,000-100,000 hours (almost 10 years of continuous power), and most of us will never experience  it going out.  Once the original lamps are replaced you should never have to replace them again.  You will save on current draw!  The two LED  lamp assemblies only require a total of 50mA whereas the original #53 lamps have a total of 240mA current draw.  That's almost 0.2 amps less current draw from the power supply and negligible heat dissipation from the LED's.




Drake 7-Line Kit

One Meter Blue LED Lamp Assembly

One PTO Blue LED Lamp Assembly

Four (4) Heat Shrink Tubing Sleves (If Needed)

Full Installation Instruction Sheet


Simple to Install

Installation is straight forward and every attempt was made for ease of installation.  Since internal wiring is performed this kit does require that the installer must be capable of basic soldering skills.  If you've never soldered before, please find someone who has experience to assist you.



An inside view

Meter LED Lamp Assembly Installed

PTO LED Lamp Assembly Installed


Please Order Using these Part Numbers

Used In
Lamp Set 7-Line
MOD-7LINEPTO Single Lamp
MOD-7LINEMTR Single Lamp
TR5 Meter
MOD-7AMPSET L7 Amplfier Lamp Set (4 pieces)

The lamp set for the L7 amplifier uses  four (4) standard T3-1/4 style bayonet lamp like those used for the Drake 4-Line meter illumination.

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Lamp Set 7-Line (TR7(A), R7)
Single Lamp Kit (RV7)
Single Lamp Kit (TR5 Meter)
L7 Amplifier Lamp Set

User Comments

I installed the above in my 30+ year-old TR7.   A wonderful product indeed, and at an equally wonderful price. - Tom KJ2M

The blue LED's for my TR7 are amazing!  My TR7/RV7 and L7 look new again. - Rick KA2BSM


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