All products are hand assembled in my lab.  I thoroughly test each item during the assembly stages and prior to delivery to assure that you will receive the best quality and reliability that I can personally provide.

Email me if you have questions.

Don Buska - Owner, D.A. Buska Engineers LLC

 Collins S-Line LED Lamp Set
 6.3 & 12.6 VAC T3-1/4 Bayonet LED Lamp Replacements
Drake TR7/R7 AUX7 Programming Modules
Drake TR7/TR5/R7 Blue LED Lamp Set
Drake 4-Line Blue LED Lamp Set
McIntosh Blue LED Meter Lamp Set
Here are a few pictures of my personal Drake TR7.  Installed with the Blue LED backlighting.  Also notice the multicolor frequency display.  These can be purchased from Willi DF4NW in several colors or color combinations.  Willi also can supply smoked filters.  I use the lightest filters that Willi provided and have them over the digital frequency display and also over the meter and PTO display areas.  I've included a powered off view of the TR7 which shows how "stealth" the TR7 becomes when the smoked filters are used.  The frequency and meter display areas turn dark on power off and simply disappear from view.   A real 21st Century Drake TR7!


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